Julien Boijmans

Julien Boijmans

Kekkilä-BVB - Netherlands

With a background in International Business, focused on strategic marketing, Julien started my horticultural career at HortiConnect NL in Querétaro, Mexico. This is an association of Dutch companies developing synergies to offer comprehensive solutions for the professional greenhouse grower.

He continued my career in the Netherlands at BVB Substrates as a strategic marketer before taking up his current position as sustainability manager. A position that he continued after BVB Substrates joined Kekkilä Group to form Kekkilä-BVB. Since then, Julien has travelled the world speaking about sustainability in the agricultural sector and representing Kekkilä-BVB in several sector-wide initiatives such as Growing Media Europe.

It is Julien’s goal to promote cooperation with customers and other stakeholders to create a future where the agricultural sector can be profitable in a sustainable way. His vision is that sustainable growing solutions are developed together,

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